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Design is Key - 9/25/16

Woohoo! There have, at long last, been some more changes to the site. These mostly take the shape of design changes and tweaks, but... there's an About section! Anyways, one can definitely say that significant changes have been made, and there will undoubtedly be more to come.

Signing off,

- J

Working on a Lot - 9/13/16

The site hasn't really grown much over the past few weeks. This can be attributed to school being in session, and the truckload of daily work that accompanies that. Improvements and additions are still going to be made, however, so it's all good.

The Interests and About pages will be up soon, so be on the lookout.

- J

Changing Focus - 9/2/2016

People change, but the world keeps spinning. It is from this phenomenon that social and cultural revolution stems. That statement is behind all major changes throughout human history, all innovations and transformations.

Also, I'm changing what would have been a Music page to an Interests page.

Keep on moving and shaking,

- J

On Developments - 8/29/2016

Finally! A new page partially fills the emptiness of this site.

The blank space will likely become even less blank in coming times. I hope to eventually use this site as a hub for all of my experiments and creative projects involving web technologies, while at the same time using this site as a canvas for my ideas regarding structure and design. (Pretty typical stuff actually.)

To future stuff,

- J


The purpose of this site is to:

  • Serve as a hub for projects involving web technologies
  • Be a place for personal experimentation with web design and scripting
  • Hold content in the form of the blog and the interests pages
  • Stay classy